Joyful Motion is in network with and always accepts Tricare Military Insurance.  We are currently attempting to get back into Blue Cross Blue Shield network.   Please do not be discouraged by this information.

If we are the best fit for your child, administration will do everything we can to have your insurance authorized in order for your child to receive therapy with us.  We have requested United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna allow us to be providers. We will continue to try each year to become in-network providers.    We have been able to secure an “out-of-network” “Gap Extension” for several children so they can come at the in-network rate.  We review each case individually to come up with what works best for your child.  If you are concerned about your insurance paying, the office can provide you an information sheet on how to best investigate options for your child.

We understand that our services are very specialized and we want to be able to provide services for everyone who needs it. In addition to helping research your insurance coverage, we can also provide competitive cash rates. Please keep in mind that our cash pay rates are based on a 60 minute session, where as many offices provide rates for only a 30 minute session. We can also help you analyze the the cost to attend our office at an out of network rate compared to other in-network offices. There are also scholarships available for certain diagnoses.